Cybersecurity Course

This course teaches the latest in cybersecurity tools and techniques to protect you and your organization from harm!
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Course Outline

Introduction - 2:20

  1. Northpass Tutorial
  2. Cybersecurity Introduction

Chapter 1 - 10:52

  1. Good vs. Evil and The Early Days
  2. Chapter 1 Exercise

Chapter 2 - 12:58

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Chapter 2 Exercise

Chapter 3 - 12:35

  1. The Growing Cyber Threat
  2. Chapter 3 Exercise

Chapter 4 - 13:23

  1. Cybersecurity Vocabulary - Part One
  2. Chapter 4 Exercise

Chapter 5 - 7:36

  1. Lessons from High Profile Hacks
  2. Chapter 5 Exercise
  3. Chapter 5 Extra Credit

Chapter 6 - 15:50

  1. Who Are the Hackers?
  2. Chapter 6 Exercise

Chapter 7 - 18:51

  1. The Impact on Business and Attack Vectors
  2. Chapter 7 Exercise

Chapter 8 - 14:11

  1. Inside the Dark Web
  2. Chapter 8 Exercise

Chapter 9 - 30:33

  1. The Dangers You Face Online - Part One
  2. The Dangers You Face Online - Part Two
  3. Chapter 9 Exercise
  4. Extra Credit

Chapter 10 - 23:35

  1. The Dangers Organizations Face
  2. Chapter 10 Exercise

Chapter 11 - 13:50

  1. Cybersecurity Vocabulary - Part Two
  2. Chapter 11 Exercise

Chapter 12 - 41:06

  1. Protecting Yourself and Your Organization - Part One
  2. Chapter 12 Exercise Part 1
  3. Protecting Yourself and Your Organization - Part Two
  4. Chapter 12 Exercise Part 2
  5. Extra Credit

Chapter 13 - 21:17

  1. The Future of Cybersecurity
  2. Chapter 13 Exercise
  3. Extra Credit

Chapter 14 - 16:49

  1. Final Thoughts and Calls to Action
  2. Chapter 14 Exercise
  3. Extra Credit

Conclusion - 1:45

  1. Cybersecurity eLearning Survey
  2. Conclusion

About the Course

Course Overview

It is frustrating to see that organizations make cybersecurity a priority only after they’ve been breached. It’s like final realizing you need to quit smoking only after you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. After you’ve been breached, it’s too late to get back the data you’ve lost, the personal information that’s now very much public, and the consumer confidence that has been eroded.

The number one threat to the US, according to the FBI, is cybercrime. Many large companies have done a better job of protecting themselves of late, but there are still many that are vulnerable. We are seeing that mid-size to small companies haven’t made this a priority yet. Don’t let that be your company! This course will teach your employees techniques to help mitigate risk from threats and hackers. From phishing schemes to social engineering, your employees will learn the how to protect themselves from the latest threats.

Course Objectives

* Learn about the latest scams and threats from hackers

* Learn how to detect and avoid the latest phishing and social engineering techniques

* Discover why every single person in an organization is responsible for security and why the greatest threat to your organization is your own employees

* Get an inside tour of the Dark Web and learn the role it plays with cyber criminals

This course is intended for?

* All Employees

Course Description

From Target to Sony Pictures, all you have to do is watch the news; it is not a matter of if but when you will be attacked. In 2016, cybersecurity needs to become a fundamental part of your technology strategy. This course delivers tools you can use to keep your organization safe from security attacks. You will understand the most up-to-date blackhat techniques and how to avoid them. We review some notable attacks and things you can learn from each of them. We will dissect social engineering and phishing techniques used to penetrate organizations and how to avoid falling victim to these schemes. You will get an inside look at where many of that bad guys hang out and sell the fruits of their devious labors: The Dark Web. We will take a look at what lies in the field of cybersecurity. Plus, you will learn some of the important areas to consider regarding governance and the development of an incident response plan.

Success with cybersecurity requires organizations to be proactive, continually educating staff on the latest avoidance techniques, and to always remain diligent about protecting the network. Data is one of your most critical assets. You don’t want it falling into the wrong hands. Our Cybersecurity course is built to help leaders protect their organizations.

Course Leader

Scott Klososky

Alongside a growing reliance on digital technology, leaders face an evolving and accelerating danger in cyberspace. Many have turned to Scott Klososky to navigate the threat landscape. For over two decades, Scott has worked arm and arm with leaders helping them to protect their digital assets and keep their technology infrastructure, financial resources, intellectual property, and team members safe online. His work has brought him around the world, where he has educated leaders and executives about the often complex yet fundamental obligation of good cybersecurity.

Scott is an owner and lead consultant of TriCorps Technologies which provides groundbreaking integrated security services including cybersecurity, physical security, and surveillance. TriCorps works with organizations of various sizes and in various industries to provide a comprehensive security model that keeps people, data, and property safe digitally and beyond.

Scott has spoken in front of the FBI’s Cyber Warfare Conference, the Federal Government for Financial Accountants, and other large and small organizations, in various industries, on the latest in cybersecurity threats and defenses. Scott is recognized for his ability to distill the complexities of cybersecurity so that leaders can learn how to craft actionable risk remediation plans inside their organizations.

He has developed cybersecurity curriculums for the Oklahoma Center for Career Technology including a video series titled: “Protecting Yourself in the Digital Age.“

Scott was the founding partner of Future Point of View where he worked closely with leaders to develop stronger and more secure technology infrastructure and processes. In this capacity, he regularly advised c-suite executives inside some of the nation’s most recognizable organizations on ways they could improve customer experience, lean operations, and create technology strategies to ensure the long-term health of their organizations. Scott is focused on helping leaders find the perfect balance between technology and human effort, or HUMALOGY®

For his entire career, Scott has been on the leading edge of technology. In 1988, in the midst of the Cold War, he founded a joint Soviet/US venture called Paragraph, Inc. He is the founder of Alkami Technology, an online banking platform, as well as, which he sold in 1999 for $115 million.

Scott is the author of four books including most recently Did God Create the Internet? The Impact of Technology on Humanity.