Digital Marketing Series - Relationship Journey Mapping

Digital Marketing Series - Relationship Journey Mapping
Course One of the Digital Marketing Series
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Course Outline


  1. SchoolKeep Tutorial
  2. Course Introduction

Chapter 1 - Mapping the Journey

  1. Mapping the Journey
  2. Chapter 1 Quiz

Chapter 2 - Digital Marketing

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Chapter 2 Quiz

Chapter 3 - Introduction to HUMALOGY

  1. Introduction to HUMALOGY
  2. Chapter 3 Quiz

Chapter 4 - The Journey Mapping Process

  1. The Journey Mapping Process
  2. Chapter 4 Quiz
  3. Journey Mapping Team Exercise
  4. Setting Scenarios Exercise

Chapter 5 - Identifying Constituents and Developing Personas

  1. Identifying and Developing Personas
  2. Chapter 5 Quiz
  3. Constituents Exercise
  4. Building Personas Exercise

Chapter 6 - Stages of a Relationship

  1. Stages of a Relationship
  2. Chapter 6 Quiz
  3. Establishing Stages Exercise

Chapter 7 - Using HUMALOGY to Define Personas

  1. Using HUMALOGY to Define Personas
  2. Chapter 7 Quiz
  3. Journey Mapping Practice Exercise

Chapter 8 - Data and Customer Intelligence

  1. Data and Customer Intelligence
  2. Chapter 8 Quiz

Chapter 9 - Advocacy and Friction Analysis

  1. Advocacy and Friction Analysis
  2. Chapter 9 Quiz


  1. Conclusion
  2. Journey Map Tool

About the Course

Course Overview

Relationship Journey Mapping reveals a profound view of what’s going on inside the mind of each of your customers, members, vendors, patients, employees, or whomever you wish to influence as they engage with you. Beyond what they’re thinking, feeling, questions they have, and their needs, it also examines their acceptance of technology to research solutions and manage their relationship with you. You’ll gain valuable insight into the types of content that will lead them to take action and the data they will exchange for it. Attendees will leave with the confidence and clarity to map relationship journeys, the tools with which to do so, and the ability to apply them to advance their digital marketing efforts.

Course Objectives

Attendees will learn:

  • The components and methods for building relationship journey maps that deliver exceptional experiences
  • To apply the tools and facilitate relationship journey map development
  • The ability to identify journey friction and methods for reducing or eliminating it
  • Methods to identify, gather, analyze, and refine data for gaining customer intelligence

Who Should Attend?

C-Suite Leaders, Senior Leadership, and Marketing Professionals

Course Description

What value would your customers receive from a personalized, one-to-one experience with you, one that fully addresses their unique situation and defines your entire relationship? This is precisely what relationship journey mapping empowers you to offer to each individual person. It is designed to examine the journey a person has when they engage your organization by exploring this journey from their perspective. You’ll reveal the critical “moments of truth” whereby having the right tool, content, or by asking for the right amount of data, you are able deliver value, build trust, legitimize your solution, and create an experience that bonds with them precisely.

People’s acceptance and use of digital tools is accelerating, so too is the dynamics of building relationships. This is why journey mapping is so critical. Today, people are more demanding of the organizations they engage with. They expect a personalized experience and for you to anticipate and then fulfill their needs. In the past, people have hoped for a frictionless journey; now they demand it. If you’re not providing it, they will find someone who is.

NOT ALL JOURNEY MAPPING PROCESSES ARE CREATED EQUAL: A unique difference (beyond the quality of our team, the tools we provide, and access to support materials to help you facilitate journey mapping) is our focus on Humalogy. Humalogy is the optimal blending of technology and human effort in support of the relationship journey. Our Humalogy focus gives organizations the best means for delivering content and optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of building relationships. Discovering the correct Humalogy balance across a relationship journey is a valuable component of this course.

In the end, you will posses the skills and tools to successfully build powerful journey maps for your organization.